Primary is a mineral deodorant spray to elevate your self-care rituals. Primary believes self-care is a hugely important piece to living productive, joyous, and inspired lives. If we take care of ourselves, we’re able to put our best selves into the world—and that’s more important than ever before. The primary brand identity draws upon this ethos with a sensibility akin to Roman bath house culture where self care rituals were celebrated and enjoyed often. The bespoke logotype was inspired by Roman numerals, Greco-Roman lettering, and ancient sculptural details from the Greco-Roman period. The unisex appeal of the branding was an essential element of the design system and achieved through a clean and bold color palette that is at once attention-grabbing and classic.


Photograph: Carissa Gallo + Gelcream, Model: Abrielle Stedman,
Styling: Mar Peidro, Copy: Dana Covit

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