Gracias Madre is an established vegetarian Mexican restaurant located in the heart of Los Angeles, born out of love for all Mothers. The design of Gracias Madre is inspired by the warmth of being in a Mother's kitchen, from the loving hands that make our food to the weathered recipe pages scrawled with loving notes. The design leans into the familial connections of Mexican and Latin homes, with a visual identity that is warm, inviting, textured, and elevated. The theme of "De Los Manos" is reflected in all aspects of the design, starting with a custom primary and secondary logotype, inspired by the hand with a calligraphy-style primary mark and subtle details resembling a pen's stroke, hand-lettered by a grandmother on the team. The brand also features radiating patterns, poppy colors, a brand symbol, and illustrations, all inspired by the love and warmth of a Mother's kitchen, creating an elevated and familial experience.




Design Director: Melina Sweet, Designer: Ivan Alvarado

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